1919 Anti-Covid-19 Set Meals / Food Packs
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The Covid-19 pandemic has become more severe in Taiwan from April this year and the nation has been under the Third Level Alert since May 17. The government closed all schools effective from May 19. Due to this unprecedented stressful time, numerous economically disadvantaged families and the students of 1919 Tutoring Classes have encountered living difficulties.

In order to respond to these urgent needs, the 1919 Anti-Covid-19 Set Meal/Food Pack was initiated by CCRA 1919 Food Bank in cooperation with 7-ELEVEN, TSMC Charity Foundation, and Good Neighbor Foundation. It is estimated that 6,000 Set Meals will be sent to 128 1919 Tutoring Classes for the disadvantaged students. As for the people with livelihood difficulties, they can call the district offices of CCRA to apply. After being reviewed by the social workers, the 1919 Anti-Covid-19 food pack will be sent out the next day. We expect to prepare 4,000 food packs.

Chinese Christian Relief Association thank you for your support, please donate to subscribe for 1919 Anti-Covid-19 Set Meal / Food Pack. "1919" is a homophone in Chinese for "need help".

💛 Each 1919 Anti-Covid-19 Set Meal (NT$ 300)
1 bag of rice, 1 bottle of cooking oil, 1 bag of noodles, 2 bottles of canned fish

💛 Each 1919 Anti-Covid-19 Food Pack (NT$1,000)
2 portions of 1919 Anti-Covid-19 Met Meals, 1 box of masks, 5 packs of instant noodles, 2 bottles of canned food

【Donate notice】

Donors won't receive the set meals of food pack. It will be delivered directly to the people and families in need through the CCRA 1919 Food Bank.

*For further queries on donation, please call us or send us email. Thank you!

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