About us

Chinese Christian Relief Association (CCRA) was founded in 1998 by noted local film and television personality Sun Yue, who was CCRA's honorary founding chairman. The purpose of CCRA is " Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn." (Romans12:15)
CCRA is composed of members of the Church and denomination. The mission of CCRA is grounded in the two principles of providing aid in times of major disaster and community service.
Positioned as a non-profit Christian comprehensive community support and assistance provider, CCRA has promoted a grassroots, community-based care network under the "1919" concept. 1919 is a homophone in Chinese for 'need help' and in English for 'angel, angel '.
Until now, over 14.6 thousands1919 volunteers have completed relevant training. Between 10/2003 and 5/2024, CCRA has established 1919 service centers in 324 villages & townships in partnership with 1,566 churches into a community care network able to react and deliver assistance effectively to disaster events, the special needs of disadvantaged children and families in distress .

Principal Outlets for CCRA Services:
- 1919 Disaster Relief
- 1919 Emergency Relief for Families in Need
- 1919 After-School Tutoring for Disadvantaged Children
- 1919 Food Bank
- 1919 Wonderful Club